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Shade by EtriganSwamp
These phantoms were created by Alma Wade to be assassins. They stand five feet tall and are almost always hunched over. In 'corpse form', they are merely harmless and are meant to scare you. For instance, they'll crawl on walls, or just float there above you in midair. In 'phantom form', Shade's are hostile and nearly invisible with glowing red eyes. They have razor sharp claws and are unpredictably fast! When shot at, their skin goes from invisible to ash-like black. When killed, they explode in a cloud of soot and ash. Shade's reside in sanitariums, catacombs, subway stations and the cellars beneath the city of Fairport.

In 'corpse form', Shade's cannot be hurt or killed. Because t
he bullets will go right through them. As stated before, in 'phantom form', Shade's are hostile and are nearly invisible with glowing red eyes! They have razor sharp claws and are unpredictably fast! They're greatest advantage when fighting; is hiding within the shadows or dark places. It's also possible for them to hide within your own shadow. Moreover, they use hit-and-run tactics, utilize melee attacks and are fond of acrobatics.

So, keep in mind that even though the Shade's bodies are invisible, their glowing red eyes are not. Normally, SECONDS before fighting Shades; you will ALWAYS enter a room that is 
cramped, dimly lit and heavily blood-splattered. Then, you will hear whispering and growling. Meaning, that a flock of Shades is nearby. Proceed with caution and expect to be ambushed by FIVE Shades. First, you will be attacked by TWO Shades at the same time. Always keep your distance from their razor sharp claws by walking backwards and shooting them at the same time. I suggest using the VK-12 Combat Shotgun or the G2A2 Assault Rifle. To continue, the good news is, the next three Shades will only attack you individually. But, the bad news is, you will be expected to walk around the room a little bit to draw them out. In other words, watch your back! Repeat walking backwards and shooting at them when they appear and you WILL survive.
On a side note, unlike most phantoms in this game, Shades are not tangible enough to phase through AT-S Proximity Mines. Therefore, you can set traps for them before they attack. Additionally, if you 
possess an AP-5 Deployable Turret, the Shades WILL NOT even bother attacking you.

Artwork Style © Scott Paul Obregon

"I DO NOT OWN this character\creature. This character\creature is owned by Monolith and WB Games and any other company associated with these companies."
Scarecrow by EtriganSwamp
An apparition created by Alma Wade. This hideous ghoulish creature mostly appears as an upper torso with long thin arms and large thin claws. It has a faceless head with tiny gouged eyes and a mouth filled with jagged shards of metal teeth. These Scarecrow's only appear in "F.E.A.R: Perseus Mandate".

The Scarecrow acts as a type of 'bear trap'. In other words, it hides inside small black smudges\portals; or small puddles of blood on the floor. Stepping into these spots will bring the Scarecrow to attack you. By grabbing on to your legs, pulling you down into it's nightmare world and drowning you in blood. While vigorously slashing both its claws at you! Fortunately, and oddly enough, its attacks don't do much damage; IF stopped quickly enough.

There are only TWO ways to killing and fighting Scarecrows.

1.You can let yourself be dragged and pulled into their world of nightmares; and as it's slashing at you, take your shotgun and blast it point-blank range right into their faces! It's usually enough to kill it.

2.Shoot at the black smudge or puddle of blood where the monster hides and that will kill it easily from a safe distance.

After Scarecrows are killed, i
t will shriek loudly and its den will shrink quickly. Therefore, leaving behind a small grayish 'burnt' mark on the floor.

Scarecrows can be heard from a distance through their growlings, snickering, wailing, shrieking or even crying. And their holes (if active), will expand and spew soot and ash when approached. As a result, creating a 'ripple' effect in the air above, as if exposed to intense heat.

Artwork Style © Scott Paul Obregon

"I DO NOT OWN this character\creature. This character\creature is owned by Monolith and WB Games and any other company associated with these companies."
Spectre by EtriganSwamp
These disfigured ghosts are the lost souls of the deceased victims who were caught in the massive, catastrophic explosion that annihilated most of Project Origin and the entire city of Fairport. Who were evacuating the city; once they picked up on Alma Wade's negative psychic emotion signals at the end of, "F.E.A.R." and at the prologue of, "F.E.A.R.2: Project Origin".

Now, in "F.3.A.R.", these poor souls have been '
reborn' by Alma, through the same psychic process as Paxton Fettel. As a result, giving them the same psychic powers as Fettel. Such as flying\floating, firing psychic 'flashbang blasts' and possessing humans, or inanimate objects. Oddly enough, their 'flashbang blasts' fire out of 'both' their hands together in the shape of a 'triangle'. Their appearance is horrid, being nothing more than a mutilated torso wearing a dark red cloak. Similar to Alma's dark red dress. They are missing flesh, have their bottom jaw broken, have their intestines hanging out and their hands have extended long fingers.

These creatures only appear in, "F.3.A.R." Although, you do not get to fight them. At least, not in the campaign. Instead, you can play as them or against them in the multiplayer games.

Artwork Style © Scott Paul Obregon

"I DO NOT OWN this character\creature. This character\creature is owned by Monolith and WB Games and any other company associated with these companies."
ATROCITY by EtriganSwamp
For those of you not familiar with Atrocity, he's from the video game, "Spider-Man: Edge of Time" and is the final boss round in the game. He was created from the DNA of Walker SloanDoctor Octopus, and Anti-Venom when all three of them collided into a vortex portal, fusing their DNA. He blames Spider-Man for his existence, and attempts to make him a part of his body matter.

The most interesting power Atrocity has is his tentacles. Which have the capability of ripping through the fabric of time. They also have Anti-Venom's "cleansing" ability, able to weaken or even take away Spider-Man's powers.

When I first saw Atrocity, I thought drawing the character would be a great opportunity to once again express the twisted, disturbing, surreal, macabre and dark side of my artwork. Atrocity had already looked grotesque enough, but I thought I could make him look even more grotesque by changing and adding a few things. For instance: Three heads. Since the character is made up of three different characters, it would only make sense for him to have three heads. And I made absolutely sure they all looked very different and looked very alien.
And finally: Eyeballs. Lots and lots of eyeballs everywhere on his grotesque, obese body! The inspiration for the eyeballs came from William Birkin. In his monstrous form from the video game, "Resident Evil 2". As a result, my version of Atrocity was born.

This.... took me.... FOREVO-OR! I can't remember when exactly I started this piece. That's how long it's been! Countless after countless times I've put this particular piece aside so I could start on other projects. It was just one big colossal baby that constantly needed to be BURPED! But really, the real reason for all the delays was because of the brand of white pens I was using. To explain, for the longest time I've used white "Pentel/Sunburst/Metallic/MED/Gel" pens as the outlines and some of the details for my artwork that needed it. It wasn't until this piece; I realized I needed a change in white pens. So, I switched to white "GELLY ROLL 08" pens. And they worked FANTASTICALLY! I was able to get this done in no time! Plus, the GELLY ROLL pen's white ink was a lot more whiter than the Pentel's.

Artwork Style © Scott Paul Obregon

"I DO NOT OWN Atrocity! Or anything or any other characters and video games related to this character! Atrocity is owned by Marvel Comics and Disney."
Wanted to take another crack at Frank Miller's Batman from, "The Dark Knight Returns". There's just been A LOT of praise and positive buzz about his Batman lately. I guess, since his Batman will be appearing in the upcoming live-action 2016 film, "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice"! Can you believe that? And to top it all off, he's writing a fourth Dark Knight comic; titled, "The Dark Knight III: The Master Race"! Can't wait! The reason why I call it his 'fourth' book, is because I count his, "All*Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder" comic as a prequel to his, "TDKR". It's also my most favorite Batman comic of all time. Plus, I've seen all the fight scenes from DC's cartoon movie, "TDKR". My most favorite fight was between Bat's and Superman. If their upcoming live-action film fight is anything like the cartoon movie fight, than it should be a fantastic movie.
Anyway and overall, what I'm trying to say is that all this praise over Miller's Batman has inspired me to draw more Batman. So you can bet I'll be doing more Batman projects in the near future.

Artwork Style © Scott Paul Obregon

"I DO NOT OWN Batman! Or anything related to Batman in any way! Batman is owned by DC comics."
It was another long day at home. The nightmares are keeping me up most nights, so it's difficult keeping up the high standard of excellence my family and school expects from me. Yesterday, I took a chance and tried an incantation I thought I remembered from the "Necronomicon Ex Mortis." Roughly translated, "The Book of the Dead." From the movie "Army of Darkness." I hoped the recitation would stop the nightmares. A "Nictu Gashru Umuna Anothera." I figured they'd get the idea and buzz off. But no dice.

The nightmares are bad. "Replica Soldiers", "Project Origin", flashes of my long history of kicking their asses.

But something isn't right. The video game "F.E.A.R." is strong. It's as if there's some large evil building up and preparing to burst. Sometimes the creatures known as "Phantoms" actually get to me and slowly tear my flesh with their jaggeged teeth, roll the meat between their gums and make me listen as they chew with their mouths open. Then they use their nails to rip the... well you get the idea. The images are bad.

I keep strategy guides and my own files as a reference in case I need to play the game again. It's been too many years, and there's nothing worse than gettin' the ol' controller and forgetting how to get the XBOX360 started. I'm willing to play the game again so that I can confront my fears and take the nightmares head on. It's gonna be a rough ride... -Scott
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Scott Obregon
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
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I was born in San Antonio, Texas. Ever since I was five years old I've been drawing superheroes. Mostly Spider-Man. I hope to one day use my drawing skills to become a comic book artist. In other words, a penciler. Also, I am currently creating my own original character, who I hope will someday become an iconic comic book character.

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