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Mutated Spawn by EtriganSwamp
Mutated Spawn
Haven't drawn anything in awhile. So here's Mutated Spawn, from Todd McFarlane's toy series, "Spawn Series 23: Mutations".

Artwork Style © Scott Paul Obregon

"I DO NOT OWN Mutated Spawn or any characters\merchandise related to this character! Mutated Spawn is owned by Image Comics and McFarlane Toys."
Age of Daredevil by EtriganSwamp
Age of Daredevil
This is how "Avengers 2: Age of Ultron" should end. With Daredevil tearing off Ultron's head. Then, that'll lead into the Daredevil TV series. With him, already as a big hero.

Artwork Style © Scott Paul Obregon

"I DO NOT OWN Daredevil NOR Ultron or any characters\merchandise related to these characters! Daredevil and Ultron are owned by Marvel Comics and Disney."
Can't Smile Without You by EtriganSwamp
Can't Smile Without You
"I was waiting for a girl like you. I wanted to know what love is. Every time felt like the first time between us. You made me hot blooded and gave me double vision. But you were as cold as ice. You were willing to sacrifice our love. Day and night you were playing head games. And I couldn't take it anymore. You gave love a bad name. Your love was like bad medicine. That's what I get for falling in love. But it's my life, and I know I've got the eye of the tiger on my side. Now, I'm on a highway to the danger zone. Wanted, dead or alive. Livin' on a prayer to become a jukebox hero!"

Artwork Style © Scott Paul Obregon

"I DO NOT OWN The Joker NOR Harley Quinn or any characters\merchandise related to these characters! The Joker and Harley Quinn are owned by DC Comics and the WB."
Cyber-Joker by EtriganSwamp
I love The Joker from "The Batman" cartoon series. Where he's only refered to as, "Joker". What's not to love about this guy? He walks like a monkey and fights like a monkey! His teeth are melted together; making one giant tooth! Even his green hair is hilarious! And his straight jacket is awesome.
So I started getting some ideas. Ideas on how to make this Joker more powerful. So I came up with this. A cybernetic Joker with prosthetic weapons. This is mainly just a rough draft for a future project I have in mind (if I ever get to it).
The inspiration for the weapons come from the cartoon, "Justice League Unlimited" Ep.12 "The Once and Future Thing, Part 2: Time, Warped". The weapons were being used by the teenage street gang, The Jokerz. All of them except maybe the lightsaber. Everyone knows that's from "Star Wars". Although, a dual lightsaber was featured in the cartoon...

Artwork Style © Scott Paul Obregon

"I DO NOT OWN The Joker, Justice League Unlimited NOR the design to a lightsaber or any characters\merchandise related to these characters and weapons! The Joker and Justice League Unlimited are owned by DC Comics and the WB. The designs to a lightsaber are owned by Disney."
DEADPOOL vs F.E.A.R. by EtriganSwamp
CHIMICHANGA!!! But seriously, after watching Quentin Tarantino’s, “DJANGO UNCHAINED” and the YouTube video, “DEADPOOL: A Typical Tuesday”, all in the SAME WEEK… I realized I REALLY wanted to draw something bloody and disgusting, but at the same time humorous too! So… after doing some quick brainstorming I came up with one of my most favorite MARVEL characters (Deadpool) going up against my most favorite video game (F.E.A.R.)! I thought it would be a good combination, because the Deadpool comics are bloody and the F.E.A.R. games are straight up bloody and disgusting. Anyway, I grabbed some big paper and just started doodling blindly until I eventually came up with the outlines of all the characters you see here. While I was coloring, I decided to make Deadpool’s costume MAROON, because my Deadpool hoodie is maroon. As a result, his costume came out too dark! In the end, that was one of the main things I was concerned with. Lesson learned: ALWAYS color Deadpool RED.

SHORT STORY: “Once again, Alma Wade is back from the dead. Meanwhile, the supernatural defense team known as F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon) is powerless to stop her. In other words, there are hardly anymore F.E.A.R. operatives, because Alma has killed most of them. Because of this, F.E.A.R. has turned to drastic measures. More specifically, “inter-dimensional transportation!” This kind of technology will help F.E.A.R. look for the one super powered being just CRAZY enough to take Alma head on! Eventually, F.E.A.R. found Deadpool and his sidekick Doop, studied their mannerisms and abilities and transported the both of them to their dimension. As a result, F.E.A.R. told Deadpool about their “Alma” crisis and said they would pay him gladly if he killed her. Of course, Deadpool and Doop agreed to do it and geared up for the worse.”

“I do not own Deadpool or Doop or any properties related to these characters. Deadpool and Doop are owned by MARVEL comics. I do not own F.E.A.R. or any properties related to this video game. F.E.A.R. is owned by WB Games and Day 1 Studios."
It was another long day at home. The nightmares are keeping me up most nights, so it's difficult keeping up the high standard of excellence my family and school expects from me. Yesterday, I took a chance and tried an incantation I thought I remembered from the "Necronomicon Ex Mortis." Roughly translated, "The Book of the Dead." From the movie "Army of Darkness." I hoped the recitation would stop the nightmares. A "Nictu Gashru Umuna Anothera." I figured they'd get the idea and buzz off. But no dice.

The nightmares are bad. "Replica Soldiers", "Project Origin", flashes of my long history of kicking their asses.

But something isn't right. The video game "F.E.A.R." is strong. It's as if there's some large evil building up and preparing to burst. Sometimes the creatures known as "Phantoms" actually get to me and slowly tear my flesh with their jaggeged teeth, roll the meat between their gums and make me listen as they chew with their mouths open. Then they use their nails to rip the... well you get the idea. The images are bad.

I keep strategy guides and my own files as a reference in case I need to play the game again. It's been too many years, and there's nothing worse than gettin' the ol' controller and forgetting how to get the XBOX360 started. I'm willing to play the game again so that I can confront my fears and take the nightmares head on. It's gonna be a rough ride... -Scott
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Scott Obregon
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I was born in San Antonio, Texas. Ever since I was five years old I've been drawing superheroes. Mostly Spider-Man. I hope to one day use my drawing skills to become a comic book artist. In other words, a penciler. Also, I am currently creating my own original character, who I hope will someday become an iconic comic book character.

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